Beat the Bully: How to Turn Up the Volume on Your Inner Cheerleader for more Sway

Why Self-Confidence matters

Studies show that women consistently undervalue themselves and underestimate their abilities compared to men. This lack of self-confidence and the resulting "Imposter Syndrome"results in women speaking up less, not pursuing career opportunities, or leaning in. It begs the question whether this lack of self-confidence might be contributing to the continuing leadership gap within organizations.

If we want to seriously address this issue, we must address the gender bias, lack of supportive role models and mentors as well as look at women's own unconscious biases that are getting in the way of having the confidence it takes to be successful.

Why Invest?

Companies cannot afford to ignore the gender gap any longer. With nearly 60% of new graduates being women, and 80% of consumer decision-making power in the hands of women, this is a demographic that represents the biggest economic opportunity of our time.  Fortune 500 companies with at least 3 women on boards have a 53% increase on return on equity, 42% increase in return on sales, and 66% increase in return on invested capital.  Gender balance is good for business.

It is shown that when women are given the tools to be better and more effective leaders, their chances to advance into the leadership positions that are business critical increases. Mentorship, training, women's networks, and coaching are crucial to helping fill the gender gap.

Companies that want to be 21st century companies understand the business need to invest in great talent.


In this two-hour training, participants will have the opportunity to explore possible obstacles to self-confidence, and learn tools and strategies to overcome those limiting beliefs.

We will cover the following topics:

  • The definition of confidence and why it matters
  • 3 Main Obstacles to Self-Confidence
  • Identifying the Imposter and the limiting beliefs that come from it
  • Tools to turn up the volume on our Inner Cheerleader to increase confidence
  • Experiential exercises and interaction to deepen the learning


Participants will walk away with the understanding of how to:

-Redefine the meaning of success and why self-confidence matters

-Identify the Imposter and beliefs that get in the way of confidence

-How to rewire the brain for increased confidence

-How to lean into our Body Wisdom to build integrity and a positive relationship with ourselves

-How to use Power Poses to rewire the body for confidence

-Tools on how to effectively build confidence through resilience

*This can also be delivered as a 60-90 keynote for conferences or events.

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