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Developing Your Personal Brand

As entrepreneurs, we tend to spend a lot of time on marketing and sales, constantly in search for the next new selling technique.  I'm a big advocate of a good old solid marketing strategy, but recently I've been thinking about what really works in sales. What drives people to buy?

What I keep coming back to is Personality.  People buy when they trust.  Trust the brand, the face of the brand, the concept of the brand, the look of the brand.  All of those things are personality traits that create a memorable experience for people.  And when a consumer remembers you or your product/service, they most likely will buy. 

It becomes important then to focus on developing your brand, and for those who are service-based professionals, the focus should be on your Personal brand, rather than the brand of your company.  So how do you develop a memorable Personal Brand?  Here are my five top secret steps:

1) Get Curious - Ask yourself this: What is the one thing I want people to remember from meeting me? 

2) Exagerrate - Take what you found out in Step #1 and over-emphasis those in ALL your encounters - whether they are potential clients or not. 

3)  Get Real - Authenticity sells!  So check in with yourself and find out how authentically you are showing up in your business.  What values are you honoring or dishonoring by your tactics.  If there are values being stepped on, chances are you aren't staying true to yourself.  Tweak those as necessary to get back to who you really are.

4)  Bliss Out - When you're following your bliss in all areas of your life, this will add to your bravado - people will notice, and want whatever it is you have!  Take the time to inventory your life and add in bliss where it's missing!

5)  Have Fun - If you aren't having fun, then chances are you aren't on the right track.  Crank up the fun in your personal image, your workday, your interactions and begin to see how easy it becomes to attract the right business to you!