Gender Balanced Leadership: How to Create Inclusive Cultures that Drive Innovation


For many decades, organizations have been tackling the gender gap issue by spending millions of dollars on diversity initiatives. With only 14% of women holding executive leadership positions, and female CEO's making up only 3% of Fortune 500's, the gap persists and those well-intentioned initiatives are missing the mark.

Closing the gender gap requires a much more holistic approach, starting from buy-in from top leadership, along with a bottom-up approach to create the type of culture change necessary to see women represented in larger numbers in leadership positions. It's time to go beyond making this a "women's issue" to involving all stakeholders within an organization to see real change take hold.


At Highest Path, we believe in valuing the strengths and talents of our workforce. To do this, we must first understand that men and women are biologically wired to bring an entirely unique set of qualities, ways of thinking, and behaving to the way they work. This type of gender-intelligence is integral to building gender diverse, high-performing teams.

Highest Path offers programs that help teams and organizations move past outdated and ineffective models of leadership, and helps create a vocabulary and understanding of gender differences that can help tackle bias, level the playing field, and to leverage diverse ways of thinking and behaving to benefit the organization as a whole.

Highest Path's Diversity & Inclusion programs & trainings include:

*The above sessions can also be delivered as a 60-90 keynote for conferences or events.




GENDER Balanced Leadership

This training is geared to help both men and women think differently about how to leverage the strengths of the opposite gender. When we understand the value of gender strengths, we can communicate more effectively, understand different management styles, and ultimately collaborate better to drive results.

In this training, we will cover:

  • Latest neuroscience research on gender strengths
  • Learning the value and impact of gender strengths
  • 4 Quadrants of Gender Balanced Leadership
  • Cultivating situational awareness for effective leadership
  • Identifying our current and default leadership style, behaviors and impact
  • A new model of Gender Balanced Leadership that combines both 'feminine' and 'masculine' qualities of leadership
  • Identifying gender strengths that we can leverage in others and begin cultivating in ourselves

*This program can be delivered as a two hour overview, two-day or five day leadership development program.

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