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Highest Path Leadership

At Highest Path, we are dedicated to growing potential leaders within organizations.  Great leadership begins with a strong vision resulting in innovation for the company and for the community it serves. Building strong leaders for the future is an essential investment to compete in today’s global climate.  We specialize in fostering leadership among high potential and emerging leaders to help organizations better position themselves for the future.

Highest Path can design leadership programs specifically tailored to your organizations needs using innovative techniques. Our goal is to optimize your employee based resources to transform individual and team performance.

We offer:

  • Leadership Assessments
  • Performance Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Training/Workshops

Leadership 360 Assessments

Our capabilities lie within our strengths. To be a successful leader, those strengths need to be recognized and continuously developed to be able to inspire innovation and creativity through vision. 

The Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor is a new and unique tool we use to diagnose strength-based traits in leaders to promote whole-person balance and mastery in leadership.  Our Tilt Certified Practitioners are qualified to lead these individual assessments for your high potential leaders.

Learn more by visiting: Tilt 360

Performance Development

Our highly interactive and co-active techniques for performance development stem from our belief that everyone is naturally resourceful, creative and whole.  Based on the 360 assessment results and in-depth interview processes, we design development plans to increase performance in the following areas:

            -Whole Person Leadership Balance

            -Emotional Intelligence

            -Listening & Communication skills

            -Values/strengths based skills

            -Conflict resolution

            -Team Management

Executive Coaching

Our strength lies in coaching and developing high-potential leaders, but we also support C-level executives in mission critical roles who are looking for the support of a private one-to-one coach.  We offer the Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor for top executives to assess and diagnose strengths ad areas of development, and tailor an individualized plan to grow competencies. 


Because individual companies have specific needs and internal programs for employee development, we offer tailored workshop and training experiences that fall in-line with the organizations objectives.  We’re happy to offer our consulting services to design a leadership development program suited to your needs.

We also offer workshops and programs that have already been built and delivered, however can be tailored to your organization if necessary.

Embody Leadership Program

Specifically designed for women leaders who want to develop their natural gifts and abilities to become effective leaders.  In response to the tendency to lead like their male counterparts, this program offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a woman leader, and how imitating male leadership styles can be counter-productive in certain situations.  We focus on compassionate communication, resilience and empathetic skills development to hone feminine leadership styles and empower women to their unique intuition/body wisdom.