Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace


Recent neuroscience research shows that part of the reason why we still see a gender gap in leadership is due to the unconscious wiring of the brain. The subsequent subtle behavior that stems from unconscious bias can potentially exclude a certain group of people while giving a slight advantage to others. This results is an unlevel playing field that creates work environments where one group is more dominant than the other.

As organizations begin to understand the importance of diversity training, one question still remains. How does one navigate bias in the face of persistent stereotypes and slow-changing cultures?


At Highest Path, we offer a multi-level approach to tackling bias, with a suite of trainings to support organizations that are serious in tackling this challenge.

Beginning with our strategy and consulting on Diversity & Inclusion initiatives for organizations, we also offer standard programs which can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Highest Path's other programs & trainings include:

*The above sessions can also be delivered as a 60-90 keynote for conferences or events.





In this two-hour training, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics as it relates to gender bias, and to gain an understanding of the impact on women and the larger organization. The workshop offers practical tools to decrease the potentially negative outcomes related to gender bias.

This training can be slightly modified for mixed audiences or for women only.

We cover the following topics:

  • Latest neuroscience research on bias and how it impacts our behavior
  • The 4 Types of Common Gender Bias
  • The Impact of Bias on Women & Minorities
  • Tools on how to build self-awareness and reduce subtle harmful behaviors to decrease negative impacts of bias
  • Tools on navigating gender bias more effectively in the workplace

Tackling Bias - Team Facilitation

This two hour training helps leaders and managers tackle issues related to bias that are specific to their team. Designed as half training and half facilitated dialogue, teams are able to explore how bias gets in the way of creating inclusion, collaboration and ultimately innovation.

We will cover:

  • Round table discussions to uncover hidden biases or cultural norms that exist on the team
  • Understand the impact of those biases and related behaviors
  • Brainstorm behaviors that are more inclusive and can create more collaborative team performance

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