Meet the Highest Path Team

As a global consulting firm specializing in developing 21st century leaders and organizations, we are equipped with associates who bring their diverse professional and personal backgrounds to the work we do at Highest Path. With experience in fields such as Operations, Banking, Finance, Sales & Marketing, our seasoned consultants are dedicated to living our core values of being customer-focused and passionate about developing empathy, inclusion, mindfulness and gender-balance within organizations.

Our Team

Antonio Estrada is an Executive Coach and Trainer/Facilitator highly qualified to work with executive-level clients as he brings to coaching his 25+ years experience in investment banking and international business management. Antonio is also a Business Advisor leveraging robust analytical skills and expertise in international business management and processes advising and coaching senior management and clients on optimal courses of action. He uses an empowering and mindful approach that ignites professional and personal transformation. Antonio has coached and worked with leaders in many industries, including private and multilateral banking and finance, national governments, management consulting, manufacturing, automotive, power, oil and gas, transportation, advertising, and agribusiness, among others. Antonio’s previous professional roles include Portfolio Management Coordinator at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC. where he led a ten-member team interacting and negotiating with diverse counterparts in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe to safeguard the Bank’s interest on a $2.5 billion portfolio of structured loans and guarantees.

MaryAnn Voli is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert, grounded in 13 years of experience in different Marketing senior leadership roles in 3 multinationals (US, German, Japanese). She has 7 years of formal training and experience in executive coaching and leadership development focusing on creating engaged and high performing teams through emotional intelligence, positive psychology and corporate mindfulness practice, including uncovering unconscious bias and beliefs that hinder team engagement and high personal performance. MaryAnn has successfully designed and/or delivered different leadership and talent development programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Japan and Colombia/Ecuador.  Leveraging on her own extensive marketing and senior leadership experience as well as her caring and energetic character, she supports the leaders she works with through a refreshingly challenging style. For MaryAnn, success is measured by the new insights and mindsets she helps develop in leaders, opening up new possibilities, new behaviors and therefore new results. MaryAnn is currently based in Hong Kong.


Adrienne Cousins, B.Sc, is a Leadership Coach who helps others create new possibilities through a fun, collaborative and empowering approach.  She brings over a decade of experience leading complex cultural, technical and procedural change projects for healthcare organizations.  Early in her career, after witnessing first-hand how poorly led projects can adversely affect the individuals involved, Adrienne began to seek out and acquire the tools and training necessary to become a different kind of leader.  Since then ,she has co-lead county-wide programs, delivered conference proceedings and become a regular guest lecturer on the topics of Organizational Culture and Transformation. Adrienne draws on her professional experiences, the Co-Active model and adult-learning principles to create a comfortable and results oriented learning environment.  She currently serves on the board of her local Women’s Resource Center and is based in Vancouver, BC.


Isabella Convertini is an Executive Coach, Mindfulness teacher and expert of technologies and new media. Her personal and professional choices are inspired by a drive towards change, growth and self-awareness. Born and raised in Italy, Isabella has lived in England, Ireland, Singapore, France, Switzerland and she is now based in the United States, where she leads Strategic Partnerships for Google’s emerging advertising solutions. Isabella has built a successful career working for large multinationals and growth-phase companies, and as Advisor to startups and young entrepreneurs. Her coaching combines first-hand experience of leadership and career development challenges, with established coaching methods and techniques. While not working, coaching or teaching mindfulness to leaders around the world, you’ll find her practicing yoga, discovering new places (far and close) and enjoying a glass of wine in good company.