The Challenge:

At Highest Path, we believe in valuing the strengths and talents of our entire workforce. To do this, we must first understand that everyone brings a unique set of qualities, ways of thinking, and behaving to the way they work. To combat persistent gender bias and the challenges many industries face in supporting women’s advancement in the workplace, we need a better understanding of gender intelligence to build diverse, inclusive, and high-performing teams.

This program help teams and organizations move past ineffective models of leadership based on an outdated, top-down approach and toward a model that is much more collaborative and balanced to value and include strengths both men and women bring to the table. In doing so, we can create environments where people feel safe to contribute their best ideas and are acknowledged for their efforts, thus driving innovation and better business performance.

Program Outcomes:

Highest Path offers the Building Leaders, Building Inclusion™  program centered around a model of leadership developed at Highest Path. The model is based on cutting edge neuroscience research and behavioral studies that tell us that women and men are wired with unique strengths, which happen to be complementary. Developing an understanding of gender strengths is essential in cultivating inclusive leadership capacities.

In this program, participants will learn about past, present and future leadership models, and will be introduced to a new leadership approach that includes leadership qualities that drive innovation. They will learn how to value and develop in themselves capacities such as collaboration, empathy, humility and care coupled with resilience, being assertive and direct. Designed as an interactive and engaging training, participants will gain awareness of gender strengths and how to develop those behaviors in themselves to drive high performing teams, an engaged and motivated workforce, and most importantly, better products and services for customers, all adding to the bottom line.

Program Modules:

  Leadership Models Past, Present and Future

   Business Case for Inclusion

   How Bias Creates Obstacles to Inclusion

   A New Model of Leadership for the 21st Century

   4 Quadrants of Gender Balanced Leadership

  Identifying our Current Leadership Style and Blind Spots

  12 Leadership Behaviors to Help Us Become Inclusive Leaders

   Practices to Develop Gender Intelligence

  Hiring, Retaining and Promoting Based on Gender Strengths

   Application of Gender Balanced Leadership Model™

Delivery Methods:

Our Building Leaders, Building Inclusion™ program consists of 10 modules which can be run individually or together as a half day, full day or two day leadership program, a team event or a strategic off-site event for your Senior Management Team.

Modules can delivered through our highly engaging, live, interactive webinars or in face to face sessions. The modules can be combined or tailored to give a successful, fun and engaging experience, while practically helping to create an inclusive culture in your organization.


Starting with the C-suite, executive level and all the way to mid-managers, this is a program that can be rolled out to the entire organization for maximum impact and culture change.

Ready to build an inclusive culture to take your business to the next level?