Our Mission

It is our mission to be a driving force behind the global paradigm shift from profit to prosperity, infinite expansion and short-term thinking to sustainability in our organizations, communities and planet. At our core, we are social change agents, dedicated to helping future leaders develop the necessary skills for innovation and collaboration to flourish. We believe 21st century leaders can achieve this by operating by their core values, standing in integrity, being authentic, listening empathically, practicing vulnerability, and creating gender-balanced organizations where the advancement of women is seen as a broader business goal and objective.

Client Testimonials

Highest Path has given instant results with our employees. The approach and ability to understand all situations make them them a valuable partner, and feedback from our senior managers is excellent.
— General Manager, Kapan Dundee Precious Metals
I was feeling “stuck” in my growth as a leader. Thanks to the outstanding coaching I received, I have grown more in the past ten months than I have in ten years!
— Chief Auditing Officer, Compass Minerals
Coaching and challenging me to stretch, I learned new skills that allowed me to mend relationships and confront my weak points as a leader. These changes allowed me to move from dwelling on the problems to finding my personal strengths and skills in creating solutions and empowering my co-workers.
— Director of Operations, Compass Minerals

Companies We've Worked With